Library Data Visualizations

Uses the bare minimum of Google Forms, Sheets, and D3 to generate some visualizations of common data collected by Libraries.

Live Version


  1. Create your Google form to match one of the templates. Submit your statistics to the form as you do your Library business

  2. Modify the template to point to the correct form URL

  3. Render your visualization! You can iframe it too.

Templates Available

Desk Traffic Today - desk_today.html link

Desk Traffic Last Year desk_year.html link

Book by LC Call Number Classes books_call_number.html link

Book by P LC Call Number Class books_P_class.html link

Research Consultations during 2017 research_consults.html link

Students Seen In Instruction Sessions during 2017 teaching_sessions.html link

Visualizations based on that list of Peer Review LIS Journals

Journals by Open Access v. Closed journals_by_oa.html link

Make your own

The challenge here will be to use D3 in some clever way against data drawn from a form. What will you create?